Screen Safe Labels

Promote sales, protection plans, extended warranties, and product features—right on the screen itself. ClingZ® is the safest material you can use to advertise on sensitive surfaces such as televisions, monitors or other digital displays. ClingZ® is adhesive-free and chemically inert, which means there’s absolutely no reaction between the label and the surface to which it is adhered. This printable polypropylene film uses only its electic charge to adhere to any dry surface. Effortlessly apply the label and easily fine tune its position. To remove, simply peel away. ClingZ® leaves no residue, is environmentally friendly, and recyclable, too!

  • High-Quality, Graphic Film
  • Adhesive-Free & Chemically Inert
  • No Residue
  • Fast & Easy Installation and Removal
  • Adheres To Any Dry Indoor Surface
  • Environmentally Friendly & Recyclable